Our story

ROAR has been shaped by what we have done and aspire to achieve. This means we have built ROAR upon the learning from the retail and technology projects we worked on for some of the world’s greatest companies the last 30 years. The data-driven empathy we supported these companies to give their customers is what ROAR products and services now enable, so businesses can maximize their return on a relationship - cost effectively 😉



ROAR conducts customer experience activities across touchpoints in North America; ROAR IX platform is developed and deployed to first clients, helping improve companies’ internal department excellence to support CX success.

Decade of 2010


ROAR launches 10 market buyer and service experience dealer tracking for a European automaker in ASEAN; ROAR conduct service retention research for a German luxury brand as part of a larger consulting project in China; ROAR conduct product experience tracking for an enterprise client across Europe


ROAR provides Pan-European customer sales, service and breakdown experience tracking to first Enterprise client; ROAR conducts first its activities in South America for a German Luxury Brand


First ROAR client is a dealer group signing up for Lead and Shopper experience evaluations, which improves the dealer group’s close rates


ROAR platform for collecting customer experience intelligence and delivering it to clients is developed


Conducted customer experience-based risk assessment and improvement activity for world’s largest bank, identifying billions in deposits and fees at risk


Installed a completely new dealership operating system for a Korean brand in China, including new processes, online training, and ROI analysis


Conducted Pan-European retail improvement activity as part of a Korean brand’s new product offensive in Europe

Decade of 2000


Conducted largest dealership improvement program in China for German brands, installing a new dealer operating system, including facility, technology, personnel and other standards.


Implement a shopper feedback system at European OEM that immediately improves marketing efficiency and sales (and dealers love it!)


Conduct global service customer dealership experience research and consulting project for a German company that would lead to Customer-Aligned Retail Excellence (CARE) framework


Collaborate with client to provide dealers an online data-driven sales and service improvement platform using Bayesian logic for action taking


Conduct first Build-to-Order study establishing potential demand volumes based on consumers stating how long they would wait for an ordered vehicle and the discount level required for them to wait

Decade of 1990


Collaborated closely with a client to develop first online reporting tool for CX tracking results and improvement actions at dealer level.


Developed a Demming-based Continuous Improvement program for a luxury hotel chain in its pursuit of the Malcom Baldridge Quality award


Conducted shopper experience dealership tracking study for a Japanese brand by calling on customers from faxed uplogs from dealerships, which led to great insights on lost shoppers and more sales


We begin working at the company which showed the world the importance of Voice of the Customer to competitive advantage. The strong influence from Dave “J.D.” Power is reflected in our focus on showing a clear impact on customers and business from VoC findings.